Now that our scientists have found shelter, what is next?  Food or course!!  Today our scientists navigated the island in search for food.  Using their trusty map and identifying where different animals resided, they first had to determine a safe path to the various food sources on the island.  Once they plotted out their path, off on their journey they went.  But if it were only that easy…..Our young adventurers soon ran into a problem.  A deep ravine on the island would need to be crossed with meant building a bridge.  Our scientists had to design and build bridges that would hold up their weight and allow them to cross the bridge.

What will be in store tomorrow for our adventurous scientists?

Monkey Island is a STEM based enrichment class developed by Monkey Bizness.  It is the first addition to our Monkey Bizness University program.  We still have space available in our July class and you can sign up here: